Kajukempo is a faith based system founded by

Professor Emanuel Rodriguez

within the Divine Academy of Martial Arts

Our system is not for competition use, it is for practical use in self defense. The name is a combination of Karate Jujitsu and Kempo, it is not a mixed martial art it is a system built upon the best practical part of each of the arts. We have battle tested every movement and motion within our system to make it work for all scenarios and for all ages, sizes, and abilities of each student.

Kajukempo was created to help people learn the best way to protect themselves without having to pay a huge amount of money, Professor Emanuel Rodriguez, made it possible for the average family and under privileged to afford the best training. The Divine Academy of Martial Arts is the founding school of Kajukempo and has used it’s students funds to help support the local community food pantry to feed the homeless and families in need, and that is one of the main purposes besides teaching outstanding martial arts.

Kajukempo being a faith based system strives to uphold a higher standard within its system to not only teach practical self defense, but also to help it’s students learn and apply greater morals to their lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Kajukempo is not for the faint of heart, all though we may be faith based we do not hold back when it comes to our personal or family protection, Kajukempo teaches the most efficient way of destroying the attacker, from debilitating them, to provide enough time to run away; all the way to the extreme, taking the attacker to the point of death for survival.

The system has a base in Kaju Ryu Jujitsu, Chinese Kempo, and Chin Na, and builds off of that base with joint locks, striking, kicking, weapons use and multiple strategies of attack from multiple arts. We want everyone to be able to protect themselves at all times and in all situations. Kajukempo also teaches students how to effectively use weapons of the arts, such as knives, bo staff, hanbo, nunchuku, katana, and other weapons of self defense.

If you have been looking for a Martial Arts Family to be a part of you are more than welcome to join ours, we would love to share from our well with you, we are also available to come to your church, event, seminars, or school to teach and share with you as well anytime you may request, all of our classes start with a 25-45 min hardcore cardio and muscle building workout as well, so if you are planning on joining us be advised, be ready to sweat and learn. God Bless!




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