Kyoshi Emanuel Rodriguez

Founder and Owner of Kajukempo


Divine Academy of Martial Arts

    Professor Emanuel John Rodriguez has been studying the Arts for 30+ years starting his journey at the age of 8 years old, studying under Sifu Benny Meng in Huber Heights Ohio, receiving training in Kung Fu and Wing Chun and also receiving his 1st degree black belt under Sifu’s Tae Kwon Do system. After moving to Fredericksburg Va., on the east coast, he continued his training with various teachers in the art of Karate and Tae Kwon do. After several years he moved back to his home state of California where he continued his training within the arts of Hapkido, and Karate.

    Emanuel’s journeys led him to the state of Nebraska where he became part of Master Julius Melegritos family, the Founder of the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance and Philippine Combative System. Emanuel not only trained with Master Melegrito, but on occasion with Grand Master John Pellegrini for several years, receiving training within the Philippine Combative arts and that of Tae Kwon Do. During his time with Master Melegrito, Emanuel went on to compete and win the 2005 state Championship in Tae Kwon Do and then began his Amateur career in MMA Cage fighting. Emanuel received his 1st degree black belt in Budo Zanshin and Gairo Seizan Ryu under the authority of Hanshi Stephen V. Colkett of the Hornets’ Nest Martial Art System.


    Emanuel then formed his own school the Divine Academy of Martial Arts, which is a faith based martial arts school. He then created the KajuKempo system along with other martial arts and MMA training for those not looking into ranks but just seeking training for street application.

    Emanuel led the efforts in Omaha, Nebraska in forming its first Guardian Angels street patrol team and personally led the team for 3 years, under the authority of the Guardian Angels Organization. Emmanuel trained street patrol teams to properly report and detain street criminals, working closely with the Omaha Police Department and other judicial authorities.


    Emanuel’s heart then directed him to pursue bible school where he received his Assemblies of God credentials as a Pastor; he then started a street ministry taking the Word of God to the hardcore streets in the worst parts of the city for several years and then helped found the Inside Outreach Prison Ministries, preaching to prison inmates.


    Emanuel has a heart for the street and the underprivileged and continues to do a great work for the Arts and his Community, and is grateful to all that have been a blessing in his life so that he may be a blessing to others.



First Dan with the title of Shodan, Tae Kwon Do, Sifu Benny Meng

2005 Nebraska State Champion in Tae Kwon Do

First Dan with title of Shodan, Kaju Ryu Jujitsu, Soke Kyle Watson Sr.

First Dan with title of Shodan, Budo Zanshin, Hanshi Stephen V. Colkett

First Dan with title of Shodan, Gairo Seizan Ryu, Hanshi Stephen V. Colkett


Seventh Dan with the title of Kyoshi, Professor of the Art, Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo, Soke John C. Enger






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